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Ep. 34: Xbox, Xbox, Xbox

Ep. 34: Xbox, Xbox, Xbox

October 18, 2021

It’s all about Xbox this week, babyyyy. The original Xbox launched in November 2001, which means next month is the 20th anniversary of the Xbox brand! We’re so old! Both Tab and Paul recently joined Joey in the Xbox Series X Club, so we decided to revisit some key moments in Xbox history, reminisce about fond memories and favorite games, and we close on the Series X and what excites us about the future of the platform. We touch on Microsoft’s insistence on breaking into the Japanese market, their product placement blitz during the 360 era, and more. We also read our “first” “listener” email, so thank you to “Schmaul Schmosskopf” for sending that in! And if YOU want to write in, hit us up at the email below. We love hearing from listeners, both real and fake! Okay, I have got to stop using so many exclamation marks.

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We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey) and @RandomMox (Tab)

00:01:03: Our first listener email! Kinda!

00:04:57: The Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City trailer dropped, and the gang is cautiously optimistic. Emphasis on “cautiously”

00:08:40: Joey’s looking forward to Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly, which was teased with a 2022 release date

00:09:32: Riot Games removes All Chat function from League of Legends

00:11:58: Ed Boon tweeted out a behind-the-scenes clip of the formation of Scorpion’s famous spear move

00:14:01: FIFA demands more money from EA in licensing quarrel

00:19:45: Paul’s been yeehawing his way through some Red Dead Redemption 2

00:25:13: Tab, Paul, and Joey have all been playing some Far Cry 6

00:37:30: The gang has also been playing some Dead by Daylight with friends Amy and Russell

00:40:34: Joey finished and loved Super Metroid (finally!)

00:45:40: Xbox! We mostly stick to a chronological discussion, starting with…

00:47:22: Xbox (November 15, 2001)

01:07:12: Xbox 360 (November 22, 2005)

01:26:55: Xbox One (November 22, 2013)

01:40:03: Xbox Series X/S (November 10, 2020)

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Ep. 33: Chrono Trigger

Ep. 33: Chrono Trigger

October 7, 2021

Joey is flying solo this week, so what game does he feel he… why am I speaking in third person? Hi. It’s me. Joey. It’s just you and me this week, babyyyy. When faced with the unorthodox idea of recording an entire episode by myself, of course I wanted to chat about my favorite game of all time: Chrono Trigger. I love the game, of course, but my love for it goes deeper than just my deep appreciation for the gameplay, story, music, and other components. Chrono Trigger made me fall in love with video games. It made me think about how much games meant to me, how I wanted to write them, how immersed I could get in these pixelized worlds. It’s a game that I still love today, every single time I play it. I get misty-eyed when I play it if I haven’t played it in a while. It will never lose its luster for me. I hope I don’t annoy you too much with my ramblings, and feel free to send in your thoughts on Chrono Trigger! Thanks for hanging out with me for a bit, friend.

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We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey)

00:03:20: Sora finally comes to Smash!

00:08:36: Kingdom Hearts games coming to Nintendo Switch

00:11:57: Joey’s final thoughts on Deathloop

00:16:49: And he’s finally, finally, finally started Super Metroid

00:23:33: Chrono Trigger! There’s not much structure to be found here. I ramble about my favorite characters, the music, some key memories, why I named Marle “Gwen,” and more

00:58:10: Begin kitty purrs

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Ep. 32: Spooky Games!

Ep. 32: Spooky Games!

October 1, 2021

Grab your plastic pumpkin and throw on a costume -- it’s spooky season! We get into the mood with a big ol’ discussion of horror games. We talk about watching vs playing, visceral vs atmospheric horror, our spookalicious setups, a few fun scary memories, and a dead pirate’s treasure trove of games. Open your treat sack for our thoughts on Resident Evil games, P.T., The Forest, A Nightmare on Elm Street, a whole lotta Phasmophobia, and more. The only proverbial razor blade in the apple is that we didn’t have time to talk about more! Fret not, fetid zombie friend, we’ll have more spooky games to discuss later in the month as we play through some indie horror games on our backlogs. Until then, enjoy this bubbling cauldron of discussion, and have a horrific week!

Contact us:

We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey) and @RandomMox (Tab)

00:02:08: Joey raves about TikTok creator @oldtimehawkey, who loves some grilled cheese and retro games

00:06:47: Universal Studios already expanding Super Nintendo World with a massive new Donkey Kong area

00:10:01: Tab’s been cruising along in Microsoft Flight Simulator, haunting fools as Ghostface in Dead by Daylight, and pooping their pants in Phasmophobia

00:13:13: Joey’s pants are also soiled from Phasmophobia, plus he’s been slashing punks as Freddy with Tab in Dead by Daylight, and slowly chipping away at Deathloop

00:18:45:  Spooky games! Our conversation darts here and there like a terrified teen, so these are loose timestamps and we come back to games a few times not noted

00:30:03: The Last of Us Part II

00:32:00: Dying Light and State of Decay 2

00:33:56: Resident Evil games

00:36:45: Outlast

00:39:13: The Forest

00:42:21: Phasmophobia

00:55:22: A Nightmare on Elm Street (NES)

01:03:22: Until Dawn

01:07:14: The Exorcist: Legion VR

01:09:47: Arizona Sunshine

01:10:49: Resident Evil 7

01:13:19: Silent Hill 2 and P.T.

01:19:49: Eternal Darkness

01:23:20: Castlevania

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Ep. 31:

Ep. 31:

September 24, 2021

We start this episode with the very midwestern tradition of talking about the changing of seasons. It’s fall! There are so many games coming out! We were also lucky enough to record on a Nintendo Direct day, so we talk about the wacky Super Mario Bros. movie casting, N64 and Genesis games being added to the Virtual Cons- oops, I mean Nintendo Switch Online Service, plus the new Kirby, the old KotOR, Bayonetta and more. Our central discussion is on, the famous (infamous?) Flash (RIP) portal where many game developers found a platform and community early in their years. We walk through a brief timeline for the site, talk about our discovery of the site and time on the forums, Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers, the Clock Crew, and more. We talked for about 90 minutes but it feels like we barely scratched the surface. Also, Joey still doesn’t believe Tom Fulp is CarrotClock.

Contact us:

We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey) and @bigbadron (Ron)

00:04:35: Nintendo Direct! We skim past some stuff, but our main stopping points are:

00:05:50: Chocobo GP

00:09:03: Kirby and the Forgotten Land

00:09:34: Sick burn alert

00:10:55: N64 and Genesis games are being added to the Switch Online in late October; and wireless N64 and Genesis controllers!

00:22:20: Knights of the Old Republic port. Whaaaaaaat?

00:25:42: Bayonetta 3

00:27:29: That Mario movie cast. Phew! What a wild ride

00:40:47: Ron’s been playing the moving game, plus some Phasmophobia with Joey

00:42:56: Joey’s been playing Life is Strange: True Colors and Deathloop

00:52:26: discussion

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Ep. 30: Bidding on Upcoming Releases

Ep. 30: Bidding on Upcoming Releases

September 17, 2021

*auctioneer voice* "Do we have one dollar, one dollar for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, that’s one dol- we have one dollar from the bald man with a beard, do I hear two dollars, can we see two?” This week, Ron, Tab, and Joey play a bidding game we like to call All Your Bids Are Belong to Us, graciously borrowed from an old episode of the Game Informer Podcast. We start with $250 each, then bid on upcoming games that we want to play. The winners get to play the games they win, but the losers can’t touch them for at least a year. Well, not really, but those were our fictional stakes. Games that have official release dates and a handful that have been announced and have had gameplay shown count, so we go through quite an extensive list. There are a few feisty bidding wars, but overall we were all happy with our lists. It was fun!

Contact us:

We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey) and @RandomMox (Tab) and @bigbadron (Ron)

00:04:01: Dying Light 2 delayed until February 2022

00:06:33: Tab and Joey have been playing Life is Strange: True Colors

00:07:56: Ron got bap bap bapped by a ghost playing Phasmophobia with Joey

00:09:55: Ron’s also been playing some Hitman and Everybody’s Golf

00:12:42: All Your Bids are Belong to Us! $250 each. Bid on what you want. Losers can’t play for at least a year. Featuring pretty much every upcoming major release, including (among many others):

00:42:15: Alan Wake Remastered

00:50:55: Far Cry 6

00:52:24: Metroid Dread

00:54:50: Back 4 Blood

01:16:06: Jurassic World Evolution 2

01:25:16: Halo Infinite

01:29:14: We Are OFK

01:35:36: Saints Row

01:37:23: Horizon Forbidden West

01:43:06: Starfield

01:46:11: Arcade Spirits: The New Challengers

01:46:54: God of War: Ragnarok

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Ep. 29: Aging and Gaming

Ep. 29: Aging and Gaming

September 10, 2021

Ron and I were shocked, absolutely shocked I say, at this week’s PlayStation Showcase, which we watched just before recording. The long-awaited Knights of the Old Republic Remake is real, and apparently it’s going to be on PlayStation and PC only! What! Wolverine! Spider-Mens! Radiohe – wait, let me adjust my fake glasses and double check my notes – yes, Radiohead! What a wild ride. That mess of exciting announcements aside, Joey’s been playing some short games, Ron’s been wrestling with Sony customer service, and we both talk about growing older as gamers. I’m not going to promise that we never utter the phrase “back in my day.” In fact, I think there is at least one of those in there somewhere. But we talk about some of the struggles that come with aging into this hobby. Plus, our official Pretty Pixels Podcast Viennetta review!

Contact us:

We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey) and @bigbadron (Ron)

00:07:27: Our official Viennetta review, as requested by absolutely no one

00:11:44: Sony’s PlayStation Showcase was off the proverbial chain, as they say (no one says that anymore)

00:12:11: Knights of the Old Republic Remake! Whaaaaaaaaaat!

00:15:47: Ron will finally get to play Alan Wake

00:16:53: GhostWire: Tokyo

00:17:46: Deathloop

00:19:47: Radiohead’s Kid A Mnesia

00:22:19: Insomniac is making a Wolverine game AND Spider-Man 2 with both Spideys and Venom? Double whaaaaaaaaat!

00:24:59: GTA V

00:28:42: Gran Turismo 7

00:31:31: Project Eve, Forspoken

00:33:24: God of War: Ragnarok

00:36:11: Ron’s Sony customer service drama, plus he’s been playing Everybody’s Golf and Hitman

00:51:22: Joey’s been delivering mail in Lake and consuming short visual novels like Sakura Succubus 2 and Pantsu Hunter

01:10:14: Joey, Ron, and Tab have been getting spooked again in Phasmophobia, babyyyyyy

01:17:11: A coupl’a aging gamers: Joey and Ron reflect on getting older and maintaining the video game hobby

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Ep. 28: Video Game Food

Ep. 28: Video Game Food

August 31, 2021

Tab’s back to talk with Joey about food in games! We talk about the delicious sushi in Persona 5, the exquisite sushi in Yakuza 0, the mouth watering sushi in Joey’s stomach because as soon as he was done recording this episode he put in an order for carry-out sushi from his favorite local place. Mmm. Sushi. We talk about the impact on atmosphere and world-building that food in games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Final Fantasy XV makes, and more broadly how games like these make us want coffee, curry, or whatever damn delicious thing is on our screen. Tab also talks about their seemingly never-ending quest to get an Xbox Series X, and we touch on news stories like Dr. Lupo’s leap to YouTube, the new Saints Row game, Steam’s dumb refund policy hurting game developers, and a few bits and bobs from Gamescom 2021. Thanks so much for listening, and we’ll catch you next week!

Contact us:

We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey) and @randommox (Tab)

00:06:44: Xbox releases beautiful new controller (Aqua Shift)

00:08:42: Emika Games, developer of Summer of ’58, gets screwed by Steam’s 2-hour refund rule

00:11:03: Gamescom bits: April O’Neil in Shredder’s Revenge, Morgana in Monkey Ball, Halo and Horizon get release dates, new Saints Row game

00:14:40: Dr. Lupo makes a Dr. Leapo exclusively over to YouTube Gaming

00:26:13: Joey finally finishes Persona 5 Royal (again), still rockin’ with Microsoft Flight Simulator

00:32:54: Slap on a bib and grab a fork, we’re talking about food in games!

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Ep. 27: Popular Music in Video Games

Ep. 27: Popular Music in Video Games

August 25, 2021

Joey and Ron have a robust discussion about popular music in video games. You may have known that Aerosmith has been in two video games, but did you know that you could shoot hoops and throw hands as Chuck D or Queen Latifah in Rap Jam: Volume One for the SNES? You’ll find little gems like that alongside games like Rock n’ Roll Racing, Max Payne 3, Rock Band, GTA V, Emily is Away <3 and many, many more. It was a really fun chat! We also touch on the upcoming Twitch protest taking place on September 1st, the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 patch, and (as always) what we’ve been playing. Thanks for listening, and hit us up with some of your favorite examples of popular music in video games!

Contact us:

We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey) and @bigbadron (Ron)

00:00:33: Joey gushes over the gamers in his new fall composition course

00:03:45: Twitch streamers plan walkout to protest the platforms lack of adequate response to recent (and ongoing) hate raids

00:11:36: New Cyberpunk 2077 patch includes hundreds of fixes and a few bits of free DLC

00:14:20: Ron has not, apparently, been playing “Everybody’s Balls” but he HAS been playing Everybody’s Golf

00:20:37: Joey’s Persona 5 Royal adventures continue, as have his aerial escapades in Microsoft Flight Simulator; he’s also just started the new Quake remaster and is still playing Overcooked! with the homies

00:31:37: Popular music in video games! From Rock n’ Roll Racing and Revolution X to Red Dead Redemption 2 and Death Stranding, we talk about some notable instances of popular music (and artists) in video games

00:43:57: A brief rant about OnlyFans banning sexually explicit content

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Ep. 26: Multiplayer Memories

Ep. 26: Multiplayer Memories

August 18, 2021

Joey is joined by two of his dearest and oldest friends this week, as both Ron and our friend Gari Hart sit down to reminisce about our multiplayer days of old. We’re mostly just shooting the proverbial shit, but we revisit some of the games that were pivotal to our earliest years of friendship – games that made us laugh, pound our legs in anger, or eat dog food. Don’t ask, just listen! We cover some N64 classics like GoldenEye and Mario Kart 64, marvel over the character creators in early WWE games, fondly recall the weird animal sounds old Madden players made, and much, much more. We also briefly discuss Sony’s acquisition of Crunchyroll, the GTA trilogy re-re-remasters, and what we’ve been playing. Special thanks to Gari for joining us!

Contact us:

We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey) and Ron (@bigbadron) and Gari (@garihart)

00:07:05: Sony purchases Crunchyroll for $1.2 billion

00:10:25: Rockstar is re-re-releasing the 3D GTA series

00:14:00: Ron’s not falling for Joey’s FFVII traps, but he’s still playing the game; he’s also been popping some zombie heads in Back 4 Blood with Joey

00:17:45: Joey’s still chipping away at Persona 5 Royal, and has discovered the thrills of Microsoft Flight Simulator

00:24:36: Gari’s been eating bananas and replaying The Last of Us and poking around in GTA Online

00:26:33: Multiplayer Memories!

00:31:30: It turns out you could have up to 16 bots in Perfect Dark!

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Ep. 25: Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Ep. 25: Mass Effect Legendary Edition

August 11, 2021

This week, Joey’s joined by Paul Grosskopf: friend of the show, friend of Joey and Tab, and massive fan of all things Mass Effect! Well, I didn’t verify that for sure. There may be a plushie or body pillow that he’s not a fan of, I can't say. But I do know that he loves the original Mass Effect trilogy, which we both played from front to back with the recently released Mass Effect Legendary Edition! We dive deep into each game in the series, talk about favorite scenes, characters we love, who we romanced, and much, much more. It’s four and a half hours of in-depth gushing and semi-serious analysis. Feel free to take some breaks, because I wish we had! Seriously, I was a sweaty bag of meat by the end. Anyway! We also touch on recent updates in the Activision Blizzard case, Steve Gaynor’s fall from grace at Fullbright, new Ghost of Tsushima: Legends content, and what we’ve been playing.

Special shout-out to Ron for cleaning up my seriously messed-up audio track. I’m still learning the ropes and things sounded very rough on my end this time, but he was able to salvage it and it sounds much, much better thanks to him. So, thanks again, Ron!

Contact us:

We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey) and Ron (@bigbadron)

00:11:10: Ghost of Tsushima: Legends will also be standalone, have extra content

00:14:17: Steve Gaynor asked to step back from role on Fullbright’s upcoming Open Roads due to numerous allegations of toxic management

00:19:15: Activision Blizzard investors are concerned about financial impact from recent lawsuit; big sponsors are putting partnerships “on hold”

00:26:50: Paul’s been hacking away in Hollow Knight and slingin’ burgs in Overcooked: All You Can Eat with Joey

00:32:00: Joey’s loving his way through Persona 5 Royal, somewhat liking his way through the Ariana Grande Fortnite concert, and really digging the Back 4 Blood beta

00:45:40: Mass Effect Legendary Edition! We set the proverbial table here, then make our way through each game

00:58:52: Mass Effect

01:42:52: Mass Effect 2

02:39:45: Mass Effect 3

04:00:10 Final thoughts, Mass Effect Andromeda, and what we want from a new ME game after the teaser that BioWare dropped in December

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